testimonials - Kan Lailey

Julian Wright - Advertising Director - Reflex Nutrition

"We started to use Kan as a photographer given that we felt he could inject some 'raw attitude' into our advertising images to help differentiate them from the rest of the market. Given his 'eye' and post production skills, we felt that we achieved just that. Interestingly, some of our sponsored athletes went on to undertake personal shoots with Kan. We also used Kan for a couple of product videos that needed more edge to them. In terms of the process, we found it very easy to work with him as a character and very much appreciated that he intuitively understood our briefs and creative requirements and was very flexible and accommodating in terms of facilitating the entire process"

Penny Haas - Owner - Reverend Guitars

It's been a pleasure and an honor working with you, and this has been really very easy, once we got going and considering there's an ocean between us. Thank you so much! Penny Haas

Dan Lyons - Owner - Brighton Accomodation Agency

I have used Kan Lailey Photography for the past three years for my property company. My main issue was that I wanted my company to stand out from the other letting agents in the area, and decided the best way forward would be to hand the whole project over to Kan to deal with. Firstly, he had to make us look good (not easy I grant you), and then he had to make us look cool. Both areas were tackled superbly and dealt with in a professional and courteous fashion, making sure that we did indeed stand out from the crowd, to the point where I have actually been noticed in the street!!! In short, I would highly recommend Kan’s company to cover pretty much any project in the future, especially if it requires adding style and substance to a presently mediocre look.

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